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Conrad Koze

BA ( (University of Stellenbosch)


Conrad Kotze’s true passion is helping people and his dedication to assisting those around him has been the core driver of his career. He completed a Degree in Political Science and Sociology and a wide variety of related courses including Industrial Relations Programme from USB.

Conrad started out in labour relations working for large institutions such as Telkom and Ford SA. He then decided to leverage off this experience and went on to work as a training consultant for the next 11 years, specializing in conflict resolution, negotiations and leadership for major mining organizations such as Anglo American and De Beers.

During this time, Conrad qualified as a Neuro-linguistic Practitioner (NLP) and counsellor, studying concepts such as Spiral Dynamics, a theory in human development focused on why people/cultures cooperate, collaborate and come to conflict over differences in values and the deeper value systems that form them, as well as Paul Ekman’s work in lie detection.

His keen interest in relationships and the values that drive them led Conrad to develop courses for teams focused on aligning values, working with the dynamics that make a team operate as a successful unit. He also designed his own conflict resolution model, as well as a creativity model.

After a few years working in the personal finance sector, Conrad qualified as a commercial mediator through the African Centre for Dispute Settlement (ACDS) and has spent the last four years working on corporate disputes including Sectional Title and Consumer disputes for The Consumer Ombud. During this Time he also qualified as a Moderator and Assessor with the EDTP Seta.

Conrad is based in Johannesburg.