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George Georghiades

Nat. Dip (Surveying) (CTUT)
Commercial & Civil Mediator (USB)
PG Dip Dispute Settlement (USB)
Arbitration Workshop (UNISA)
Advanced Labour Prog (UNISA)


George Georghiades is an internationally accredited mediator and specialises in land right matters, labour issues, and civil & commercial mediations. George also assists companies who are in positions of acquisitions, mergers and negotiations. He is also an accredited arbitrator on the Arbitration Foundation of Southern Africa’s civil and commercial panel.

George has been a panelist on the Land Rights Management Facility (LRMF) since 2011 assisting land claimants, the Department of Rural Development and Land Reform (DRDLR), and relevant stakeholders in matters relating to the Land Reform process in South Africa.

George, who is also a seasoned negotiation practitioner, is often requested by corporate companies to assist with negotiations, negotiation strategies, and wage negotiations.
Due to his knowledge and expertise in Labour Law, George is extensively utilized by Companies to act as an arbitrator or to conduct sensitive disciplinary hearings as an independent chairperson relating to labour issues.

As a labour law practitioner, George is often requested to act and advise in matters where appeals are considered in terms of previously adjudicated matters, and where possible, to mediate in terms of suitable settlements required by parties.
As an Education, Training & Development Practices (ETDP) and Services SETA assessor and moderator, George conducts training courses and workshops relating to Dispute Resolution and shop steward training in the workplace.

George is a Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution (CEDR) accredited commercial mediator, Africa Centre Dispute Resolution (ACDR) accredited mediator, and is accredited as a mediator by Conflict Dynamics, Tokiso, Equillore, and is a member of the South African Association of Mediators (SAAM).
George is based in Mpumalanga, although practices and provides his services nationally.

George is based in Middelburg.