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Jeremy Chennells


  • Arbitration
  • Disciplinary Enquiry
  • Facilitation
  • Mediation

Jeremy returned to South Africa in 1982 after completing a Masters Degree in Industrial Relations at the University of Bath in the United Kingdom. The emphasis of the Masters Degree was on Industrial Relations and Labour Law. Prior to returning to the country, he completed a dissertation on Equal Opportunity Practice and Legislation within the British Labour Market.

After returning to South Africa, he took up a specialist Industrial Relations advisory position in a national organisation operating within the Stevedoring sector. During this period he was sent to Maputo in the post Nkomati accord era, to explore an opportunity on behalf of the organisation to expand its operations into Mozambique.

In 1986, after having taken a year off to travel through South America, he took up a position with the South African Breweries’ Beer Division as an Industrial Relations Advisor to its coastal region. He undertook this function until 1989, whereafter he left the corporate world to become an independent industrial relations consultant based in the Western Cape.

Since then he has consulted widely to a wide range of blue-chip organisations, trade unions and non-governmental organisations. The nature of his focus has been strongly towards restructuring industrial relationships, negotiating, mediating and arbitrating in industrial disputes and the overall strategic management and shaping of the industrial relationship. Additionally, he has been increasingly involved in the creation and presentation of industrial relations training programmes for various companies, trade unions and non-governmental organisations. Such programmes span the divide between public and in-house workshops on various aspects of labour law, negotiation skills programmes, management development modules and joint-problem solving initiatives.

Additional to his consulting role, he has lectured since 1989 on Industrial Relations at the School of Management Studies at the University of Cape Town. Additionally, he serves as a Part-Time Arbitrator and on various Bargaining Council panels. He is also a part-time commissioner at the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA).

Jeremy is based in Cape Town.