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Gerhard Gertenbach



Gerhard Gertenbach has practiced as a Labour Law Practitioner since 1998 and is an accredited SENIOR CCMA (Part Time) Commissioner. He also works as a Commissioner/Panelist for a number of Bargaining Councils and conducts disciplinary - and grievance hearings in the private sector.

Gerhard has a girth of experience in Labour Law and dispute resolution as a whole, with the emphasis on arbitrations, mediations and facilitations. He has a particular interest in training and development and is an accredited CCMA trainer. This training includes all facets of Labour Law. Gerhard has mentored new CCMA Commissioners under the auspices of the CCMA for a number of years. In his capacity as a Senior CCMA Commissioner, he attends to the perusal and assessment of Commissioners’ awards on behalf of the CCMA.

Gerhard also conducts training courses at shop floor level for HR-, ER-, IR- Managers and Shop Stewards. This training focuses on the Labour Relations Act and Disciplinary- and Grievance Enquiries. The fact that Gerhard can speak isiZulu greatly assists in all facets of his practice. During the pre- and post democracy eras, Gerhard held senior positions in the Corporate environment where he inter alia dealt with National Wage Negotiations and Strike Handling in a highly Unionized environment. He has vast experience in negotiations preceding dismissals for operational reasons and the consequential organizational re-design and after care and disciplinary enquiries.

Although Gerhard deals with a wide variety of disputes, he has a keen interest in disputes relating to Sexual Harassment at the workplace, dismissals emanating from industrial action and misconduct. Gerhard’s M.PHIL focused on ‘Ethics’ and he has presented training courses on topics such as; Ethics at the Workplace, Ethical conduct at arbitrations and conciliations and he has also developed a number of Ethical Codes of Conduct.

Gerhard is based in Richardsbay.